A second update from the office!


Working in WYA Europe these weeks is hectic enough to keep us busy; after a successful Viviamo! Summer Camp, our new intern intake has jumped right into preparing for The HUMAN Project: Education for Life and Dignity. This is WYA Europe’s own celebration for WYA’s 10th anniversary to complete a Decade of Dignity and Development, and we will be connecting European youth with diplomats and academics on the topic of citizenship and human dignity in education.

For us Italian speakers, Cono and Edoardo (a friend of WYA) have made a short video diary of their Viviamo! experience – take a peek!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhscU0ALqQw&hl=en&fs=1&]

Brussels really is the heart of Europe – our office is ten minutes away from Parliament and though our working language is English, our work sometimes pushes our backgrounds in Italian, Polish and German! Sometimes we are glad that our more talented interns (*ahem Gerlinde) can speak seven languages – don’t tell her this, but we always hope that she answers the phone, just in case!

In our free time the four of us are still very much tourists. This past weekend, Cono, Alessandra and Gerlinde visited Rotterdam to see the Fit For Free Dance Parade, and then cooled down on the beach in The Hague. Michal went to visit a friend in Leuven, an hour away from Brussels With some beginner’s luck, I’ve found Brussels interesting enough to stay for the weekend, though I’m not sure how ambitious we might all be, as Gerlinde has suggested we all rent a car soon…who knows?

If you’re interested in the Human Project, stay tuned for an update in a few days! More information can be found here!

Until next time…ciao!

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