The utmost form of human indignity that has seen our beautiful motherland country aflame at almost every corner living our patriotic citizens in huddles whereas regions experiencing fires that you would be forgiven for mistaking with hell itself, has left a lot of questions and less answers to be hoped for.

The beautiful coexistence that we have cherished for many years now has turned to be hatred. Suspicion is written all over and even a small act of courtesy or charity is doubted and can even sparkle another hell. Neighborhoods and its neighbors are no longer brothers and sisters but death loaming to take another family member six feet underground. A friend knocking is in real sense death at the door steps! And holding back our surnames is the only security we can trust.

As a victim of the recent post – election violence, the reason Kenya has been burning is beyond the disputed December 27th polls. Any view that the mayhem is about the disputed presidential election is now beyond conjecture. Any person with intelligence now knows that the controversy was simply the spark that was needed to lead this country down the road to anarchy.

In my opinion, the main cause of the ongoing malady is a purest way of promoting majimboism (Federal government). Being the master manipulators they are, politicians preyed on the ignorance of the masses and led them to believe that majimbo means that every Kenyan citizen (according to their tribal lines) going back to their ancestral provinces. Majimbo to them meant illegal acquisition of lands and property owned by the “unwanted” community in the respective provinces. In other provinces like Nairobi, Majimbo meant dictatorial take over of offices (executive positions) or illegal ownership of real estates. What a funny meaning of majimbo!

On the contrary the sitting government saw the tell tale signs of what has transpired in Kenya and even the intelligence services doctored to them the planned moves, but like the proverbial ostrich, they decided to bury their heads in the sand and assume that all would be well. A nice joke it was?

Owing to their intransigence thinking of the meaning of majimbo; tribalism, land factor, job opportunity (mostly in government sector) and the gap between the rich and the poor in the society imposed the highest form of hatred that has ever been witnessed in history. This hatred blossomed like a rose flower as we neared the ballot box and instead of the beautiful rose with thorns; it was in actual sense a super atomic hatred bomb with dangerous emission of brutality cum indignity rays!

Consequently, when the dream of this incorrigible group of majimbo were thwarted (rightly or wrongly), it was simply downhill all the way to the enormous explosion of this super atomic hatred bomb. Brutality beyond human conscience, human indignity, arson attacks and many more were witnessed across our motherland country Kenya. And on that I wish to rest my case.

In conclusion, the past ethnic cleansing or mistrust or stereotypes, betrayals and imbalance and in general the violence is but only a promotion of the so called majimboism. It’s great that I have experienced this kind of enmity for what a man has experienced no power on earth can rob it away from him. I have learnt to trust but half heartedly for your best friend is your worst enemy. In an art of forgiveness; “love is not love till you give it away”.

May God bless Kenya!

Karanja Raphael.

Student Maseno University

Currently an Intern with World Youth Alliance Africa

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