Advocacy Academy

The WYA Advocacy Academy is a training program designed for individuals with a desire to engage advocacy in the defense of human dignity. The Advocacy Academy discusses current global policy debates and equips participants with the knowledge to develop person-centered responses. During the training program, WYA members will study the WYA White Papers. These papers examine complex issues, explain WYA’s positions in response to current global debates, and address the most significant topics in global policy discussions and in key international proposals. These WYA White Papers:

  • are important resources for learning person-centered international policy and human rights issues situated in the context of the dignity of the person;
  • provide accurate information about international law;
  • are based on research and evidence;
  • are designed to equip everyone, from new members to policymakers, with the knowledge to develop policies that are effective and appropriate to their national and local contexts.

    Participants may choose to participate in the live class sessions (highly recommended) or they may follow the course in an asynchronous manner.
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