An internship in World Youth Alliance. Bernard de Lovinfosse


I would like to express my gratitude to all whose have supported the work of the WYA and all the persons with which I have worked. I was accepted to make the internship and I hope I had given to WYA some “local colours” as one of the few Belgian interns in being accepted.

This internship taught me a lot about the European institutions and particularly of the ways an organisation such as WYA can have an influence on the policy process. The formation that I received, gave me the chance to learn more about the sense of the human dignity through different authors and the importance to advocate human dignity and family. The participation in the organisations of events, attending to conferences, seminars and meetings were a chance of involvement in the political life of the European Union.

Other thing was my participation to the drafting of the final report and the organisation of my dignity project consisting to a small meeting with the European regional director François Jacob and representatives of two other Belgian organisations. I liked to present WYA and his action to them and discuss about the ways of possible collaborations.

For sure I learned on human dignity throughout this internship.

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