AP Emerging Leaders Conference – a volunteer’s experience


Being a volunteer in the Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) is definitely the highlight of my internship in World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific.

During the conference, I was able to network with young people from all parts of Asia and the Philippines. We had delegations from Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia to name a few. Furthermore, the speakers lined up were competent in their fields respectively and effectively opened my mind towards the local realities.

Volunteer Mark and me, behind the scenes.
Volunteer Mark and me, behind the scenes.


As a volunteer, I got an additional sense of accomplishment from the conference. This is because I got to be part of the facilitating, organizing and problem solving from the start until the end. I even aided my fellow intern, Aashay from India, to lead a dance number during breaks! When people are thanking volunteers for their experience, I’m sure all the volunteers are holding back tears.

For me, the best part is the energy that I experienced during the conference. Everyone was exited, motivated and just so keen. It was not a typical conference where you struggle to stay awake; there is just something in the air that will push you to do better. Something magical just happens when the conference hall pack full of likeminded people, all brimming with ideas and energy and all fighting for a single goal. That is to learn and conference to make the world a better place.

I left the ELC not only hopeful, but confident that young people are making a difference. I hope your experience will be spectacular too.


Zhi Kai Chong, originally from Malaysia, is a former WYA Asia Pacific  Intern, Batch 3 2013. Check out more info about the Asia Pacific Emerging Leaders Conference that Zhi Kai Chong wrote about in his post by clicking here. If you are interested in the Asia Pacific internship, click here.

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