Are YOU Interested in Valuable Leadership Training?


WYA North America is currently accepting requests for enrollment in its online spring training program!

Course #: NAS11
Enrollment Period: January 18, 2011-February 8, 2011

End Date of Course: April 25, 2011

Offered to provide in-depth training to young leaders, this online training program requires an intensive commitment on behalf of our members. Training is a prerequisite for international internships and United Nations conference participation and is the gateway to further understanding of the principles of WYA and a deeper involvement with the organization. Accredited members build the Alliance by introducing and training other young people to the WYA foundational ideas. And you don’t have to be living in New York or working at the United Nations to influence your local community as a young person!

The training will cover four major sections:
1. Philosophy of the human person
2. International documents and institutions
3. Key issues at the international level (global health, development, Millennium Development Goals)
4. Movements and individuals who have shaped history

The goals of the online training program are to help members understand and analyze today’s most pressing issues from the perspective of human dignity, freedom, and solidarity; to promote and defend policies centered on the dignity of the human person at international and national levels; and to foster a culture of life in all activities and actions of our members.

If you are member living in North America interested in enrolling in this leadership course, please email me at by February 8th. The first assignment deadline for the course will be on February 11th…so sign up as soon as possible!

Your Regional Director,
Amanda Pirih

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