Art Competition. Solidarity Generation


World Youth Alliance is happy to announce the winners of our Solidarity Generation Arts Competition.

Winning pieces will be displayed at the WYA North America Decade of Dignity and Development conference at Yale University from September 25th-27th 2009.

Here are the winners, along with what our judges had to say about the winning pieces.

Winner: Joli Reichel – Building Blocks.

“…works of art are embodied meaning.” – Author Danto

Today’s suburban sprawl has allowed social alienation to become prevalent. You can pull your car directly into the garage, avoiding uncomfortable conversation with a neighbor who could be a friend. The idea of community led Benjamin Franklin to include row houses in his city planning of Philadelphia, as the close proximity of homes would give opportunity for interactions between people. Joli Reichel’s construction, titled “Building Blocks (Philadelphia)”, is an embodiment of the beauty of community.

Second Prize: Cherry Rain and Jennifer Soong.

Cherry Rain ~ Anna

In this photograph Cherry Rain has best complied to the theme set-forth in your cover letter: adherence to the theme Solidarity Generation, essentially in their ability to combine contrasting elements such as light and dark or ideas such as new and old and create a piece that is diverse and yet unified, creative and moving’. We can see this in her use of light and the sense of “journey” towards the light that is implied by the walking figure.

Jennyfer Soong ~ Subway

Her subway images are fun. The sense of movement combined with an uplifting palette that gives the sense of action but not of desperation is wonderful.

Runners up:

Luc McFadden ~ ‘Mercy’

McFadden is expressing through his art work ‘Mercy’ art as an experience and not as an object.

The human being considered as the center of the artistic experience, which provides sense to the art work. His work transmits a universal feeling, mercy, through a wonderful exploration of the human face. Through each of the face’s lines, the passage of time cannot

erase. Becoming witnesses of human experiences of happiness, pain, the forgiveness of mercy

Blacks and whites, lights and shadows. But with the prevalence of the light, leaving the darkness behind, pushing it with the embrace of mercy and solidarity.

Tiffani Taylor

Her art work charged deep psychological, locate the transmission of feelings and emotions beyond the representation of an objective reality, and represents a break with reality: breaking the established ways in order to express something very profound.

The work is full of texture and relief, mixed elements, music, bits of poems, pictures … which all contribute to construct a human experience.

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