CEDAW Update – Teresa`s Experience (Part 2 of 2)


My name is Teresa Diaz (Spain) and I am doing the North America internship. This summer I had the opportunity to participate in CEDAW at the UN.

CEDAW 09′: Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women. What does it means? … From my point of view, the goals of CEDAW are really good, but what about the procedures for it? Looking for security and health of every woman is laudable, the problem that I could infer is when they determinate as a solution some destructive solutions. That is what I assume from one conversation that I had with Silvia Pimentel (an expert of the committee). She argued that abortion is the best resolution in order to reduce the number of women’s death that exposures themselves to illegal, hence, unsafe abortion. She was arguing that the legalization of abortion will be the solution. I absolutely disagree with it, so I decided to use a graphic example in order to explain to her my position. Is like having a big garden with many trees, they are ill, a bacteria is making them die, and if we are good gardeners we will not cut the leaves. The problem is not there, but in the roots. Cutting the leaves we just put a temporary solution, a short-term measure, but going to the roots, where the truth of intrinsic dignity of every single person is, we can rescue and heal our garden.

Moreover, what all the interns could realize was that many countries are working so hard in order to achieve all the goals of CEDAW. I could never imagine the huge and tremendous number of data about human trafficking. We cannot forget that it is a reality of our days and sometime, at least for me, because my country, my background, this reality is hidden. Moreover, it is remarkable the huge effort of many countries that are working hard in order to achieve the elimination of this degrading practice.

In conclusion, from my point of view attending CEDAW has been a very positive and illustrative opportunity to learn how countries are working together trying to apply in their own national laws an international agreement.


That was Teresa, an intern from WYA’s New York office. To read more about WYA’s work at CEDAW, click here to read impressions from Casey Downing, our North American Director. In the coming months, your very own WYA Europe blogmaster will be attending the 52nd Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva, Switzerland, to assist Rebecca Austen, our Director of Advocacy. The CRC programme is set to run from Monday Sept 14 through to Friday October 2. See you there!

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