CITY Adventure Scavenger Hunt


Race on! Saturday, October 24th, World Youth Alliance members competed to find a dozen hidden cultural gems in New York City, in WYA’s second annual CITY Adventure scavenger

Members split into two groups and raced to discover as many stops as they could in just under six hours, using intricate clues and their knowledge of Manhattan subways and streets to maneuver their way around the city. Stops included the Cleopatra’s Needle and the Imagine Memorial in Central Park, and the Triumph of the Human Spirit Memorial, and the African Burial Ground at Foley Square.

Participants also learned the various ways to wear and use a
, a colorful, tubular piece of fabric which is part of the traditional Philippine dress.

At another stop, members discovered the delights of Enchilada con Mole, a spicy, chocolaty dish participants made and ate while learning about its history in Mexican cuisine.

  1. Members described this year’s CITY Adventure as “awesome,” “fun,” and “challenging,” and as a “great traveling experience” which encouraged “a lot of historical interest to NYC.”

  2. All in all, this year’s scavenger hunt was a lot of fun and a great success! Sign up here for information on next year’s CITY Adventure.

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