Cocktail de Bienvenue


On Tuesday 12th February (time is flying..), Cocktail de Bienvenue took place in the Interns Flat. Of course, there were some significant preparations prior to the Event (by which I mean not only solving the problem: ‘what should I wear?!’). As our Interns Flat still wasn’t fully equiped, we went shopping to Ikea. On Saturday, when the weather outside was utterly marvellous, we were bravely cleaning windows, putting Ikea shelves together, arranging tulips and roses, scrubbing the floor in the living room, installing new bulbs and lamps (thank you, Michel!!) and polishing wine glasses. All is good that ends well – on Tuesday our guests found themselves in a cosy and elegant Intern’s Flat, where they were greeted by Francois, Magda and three beautiful interns:) We had a pleasure to host 25 persons (with a member of the European Parliament, who was kind to give a speech and a toast).
As Magda says: with every party you get more professional so we are looking forward to an occassion for another cocktail:)

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