Coffee House called Art Speaks, on August 12th at the WYA Headquarters, NY city

Dear WYA Regional Offices,

My name is Emily Matich and I am a North American WYA Intern. As you may know, August 12th will be the first day of the United Nation’s International Year of Youth (IYY). In celebration of the IYY, we are hosting a Coffee House called Art Speaks, on August 12th at the WYA Headquarters. The theme of the United Nation’s IYY is “Mutual Understanding and Dialogue”. Art Speaks will create dialogue and mutual understanding as young people come together to communicate with each other through the art and conversations of the evening about their shared human dignity and common desire for meaning, truth, and beauty.

Young artists from all WYA Regions are being asked to submit visual, performing, or literary art. This includes, but is not limited to, music, poetry, short essays, short films, photography, fine arts, dance, or theater. For those outside the New York area, the art forms will obviously be limited to what can be sent through mail or email. Artists will be asked to submit a brief statement (1-2 sentences) about their piece and how it communicates human dignity. Some statements will be displayed at the event.

I really hope that members from your region consider participating! Art Speaks is a great opportunity to build solidarity among members from all regions through the common language of beauty in art.

I have attached a jpeg flyer for the event. Please share this with your region through your blog and whatever other form of communication you feel is appropriate. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.


Emily Matich
World Youth Alliance headquarters

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