CPD 2012, Esperanza #2: Young People = Drivers of Economic Growth, and Face of the Future!

Young People = Drivers of Economic Growth

As a young person from the Philippines, I know I play a crucial role in driving economic growth and social prosperity. I recognize that the creativity of the human person is the country’s greatest resource. To maximize this potential, an emphasis should be placed on providing youth with access to education and skills training. This equips us with proper tools to face the challenges that come our way and allows us to be globally competitive.

Presently, some youth face difficulties accessing proper employment opportunities. Exposure to situations of abuse, discrimination, or exploitation is also a problem. Neglecting youth needs not only increases vulnerability, but also poses a threat to a country’s productivity. We cannot afford to waste the potential of the youth by not prioritizing their education and training.

With proper employment opportunities in place, young people may excel in various fields. We should focus on the things that drive excellence and not on the points that limit us as people. This should be central in the negotiations and provisions on the outcome document of the 45th session of the Commission on Population and Development. As it is, the current outcome document lacks an emphasis on the value of employment for youth.

Coming from a developing country, I look forward to solutions that will increase my capacity as an integral part of the workforce. It is crucial for governments and civil society to provide policies and programs that will ensure an environment conducive for human flourishing.  We are all excited to contribute our skills and talents. You just have to give us the opportunities and you’ll be surprised with the results.

Manila, Philippines
Age 25

Youth are the Face of the Future

With the world’s growing population there has been an increase in the number of youth, especially in developing nations.  This growing youth population should not be seen as a threat, but as an opportunity.  Because the human person is a profound source of creativity, the energy of young people can be channeled into entrepreneurship and innovation.

Work is one means of expressing the dignity of the person.  Work offers an opportunity to prove individual worth, contribute to society, develop personal skills, and to provide for self and family.  Youth are in the privileged position of beginning this journey towards realizing their full potential.

Creating jobs and encouraging youth innovation are necessary to building a better world.  To ensure employment opportunities, youth must be provided with education, vocational training and skills training.  We call upon world leaders to harness the tremendous human capital of youth to grow and develop economies.

United States
Age 24

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