Decade of Dignity and Development Conference!


World Youth Alliance presents:

Decade of Dignity and Development Conference at Yale University!

Can our generation respond to the world’s gravest problems?

This two day event took place September 25-26 at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. The conference consisted of keynote addresses by renowned bio-ethicist Margaret Somerville, writer and classical scholar Anthony Esolen and educational pioneer Robert Enright. Other events were the screening of the film The Rescue by Invisible Children, and panel discussions on the family as cultural capital, human rights, international health and solidarity. As well as an exhibition of the winning artwork from our 2009 Solidarity Generation Visual Arts Competition.

This is a video from our experiences as staff and interns during DDD, we had so much fun, learned and met very interesting people, but most important: we met friends who believe in the same ideals we do! WYA mission was yet again accomplished!

Check it out!

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