European Arts Forum 2019, an Event to Remember


World Youth Alliance (WYA) has successfully completed the 5th edition of European Arts Forum (EAF). The theme of this edition was “Capturing Truth in Art” and the event took place in Brussels on 22nd and 23rd of November. EAF gathered together participants from different countries around Europe like Albania, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Netherland, Portugal and Spain. The main objective of this project was to introduce and help young artists and art enthusiasts to understand the importance of truth in art. The forum also provided information to participants about crucial topics like human dignity, tolerance and freedom.

The event set off at the House of European History. The House shows Europe’s history in a way that raises awareness about the multiplicity of perspectives and interpretations regarding events from the rich past of the continent. The interpretative devices enhanced the understanding of European history and its complexity. Afterward, participants had the chance to visit the European Parliament where the Regional Director of WYA Europe Elisabeth Gudenus officially opened the event and gave a presentation about the main mission and vision of WYA. The first day of the event ended with a tour around European Parliament guided by WYA Director of Advocacy Mislav Barišić and an exhibition about the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

On Saturday morning, everything was set at Plateau96. The day started with a workshop about art and culture led by Anita Ruso, PhD. In this workshop, all the participants had the opportunity to express their opinions and ideas about art in general and purpose of art in their life. Ruso also gave a brief presentation about tips in writing an art project as well as information about funds available for artistic projects in Europe. At the end of the workshop we were divided into groups and each group presented an idea about a future art project and the importance of that project for the community.

The evening was the cherry on top of the project. World Youth Alliance celebrated its 20th birthday – since the founding of WYA at the Cairo+5 Conference in New York. A cocktail party was organised by the staff for the participants, partners and members of WYA at the Lodzkie House.  It was an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences during the cocktail as well as make new connections. The joyful music in the background made the atmosphere even more enjoyable for all. We were gathered around the main table when the birthday cake arrived. WYA interns had the honour of blowing out candles as a way to thank them for their contribution in the organisation different projects. The party was a most beautiful way to conclude the entire project.

The European Arts Forum 2019 ended, but the ideas and knowledge gained will follow its participants even in their home countries. They will be able to share all the information learned and values affirmed in their communities. Moreover, thanks to EAF, many friendships and partnerships were made. The thing I cherish most is that every person brought something very special and contributed in his own way making it an event to remember.

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Published on: Nov. 26, 2019
Written by Bora Boraj, a WYA Europe intern from Albania

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