Experience in WYA Summer Training


by Catherine Descallar

I have come to an understanding how truly in common people are despite the knowledge of how different we seem to be in so many ways. We are actual beings who constantly long for a common ground in which we may seem separated to the world. I have conquered a knowledge in which I so longingly wanted to acquire.
The experiences I had in a span of one week is quite extraordinary. It started with an idea of wanting to be a diplomat. The pursuit of wanting to do good far from the deceived beauty that life has become. As the opportunity finally introduced itself i find myself in between the feelings of joy and incoherent want to stay comfortable with the life that had succumbed me- living idle. My expectations were never met for I thought that I would not enjoy the exact escape I wanted in the first place. It was truly an eventful week. Surrounding myself with a group of young adults which broadened my philosophy of life. These people that was once strangers had become friends and the joy of being their friend made a memory that will forever be burning at the back of my mind.
It may very well be said that I have yet to understand such knowledge that the universe may offer however such knowledge may very well be unsatisfactory without moral beliefs and the love of friends and family.

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