False Devils


As they stand, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) do, contrary to Monsignor Sorondo’s assertion noted in an article published Friday, include abortion. The term “reproductive rights” has come to include abortion. Therefore, the use of “reproductive rights” in SDG 5.6 means that the SDGs list as a goal abortion as a right. This is troubling indeed, and not to be brushed aside.

As in any profession or industry, the terminology used in diplomatic circles has a learning curve. Some look at terms and see only their plain meaning. In its plain meaning, reproductive rights can be reasonably understood as a right to reproduce (for example, against forced sterilizations), a right to refuse sexual relations (i.e. against rape or sexual coercion), and a right to receive medical care related to reproduction without being restricted due to taboos, sexism, etc.

But these terms do not exist in a vacuum.

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This article was written by Nadja Wolfe, an advocacy fellow at the World Youth Alliance. The article was originally published on the First Things website.

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