For the Disabled Child on the Street



It’s life they all say,

that some are born this way,

and some are born that way,

yet the question lingers on my mind,

Are we not all human?


In the streets of my beautiful city

every day I encounter a child,

living with a disability,

strapped in a wheel chair or

placed on a mat,

with a small coin plate at their side.

Sometimes it’s raining, sometimes it’s hot,

the question lingers on my mind,

who placed them here, why are they placed here,

Are we not all human?


Even worse are the days,

I see an able-bodied adult,

pushing a child on a wheelchair,

or seated nearby the child on the street,

imploring for a contribution,

the question lingers on my mind,

is this really the best way?

are we not all human?

What happened to human dignity?


Human dignity, human dignity

how forgotten is the term,

how abandoned is the truth,

yet the question comes to my lips,

how will I make the voice of this child be heard,

how will I make us all understand,

We are all human!


Each human person has intrinsic worth,

each human person has value,

in short, we all have dignity,

this dignity is the foundation of our human rights,

this dignity has to be upheld,

We are all valuable!


Will you make a decision with me,

to uphold human dignity,

to value the human person,

to everyday be a dignity defender?

together we will get the disabled child out of the street,

We will make the world see, we all have human dignity!


Written by Patricia Ahawo Gwambo, Current WYA Africa Regional Director

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