Future Regional Director of WYA Europe Builds Bridges between Nations


Name: Daniel Wisniewski
Country: Poland
Relationship to WYA:
 Engaged (Future Regional Director of WYA Europe)

Describe your WYA experience?
I encountered WYA at the conference on Human Dignity in Warsaw in 2006. Since then, I was interested in WYA undertakings in Europe. This year, I completed my Track A training and in August I will join the staff in Brussels.

How do you carry on the mission of WYA in your daily life?

The mission of WYA is to build a platform of communication between young people from around the world who want to develop themselves in every sphere of human life. In recent years, I have had wonderful opportunities to meet people from different countries and cultures, which allowed me to understand how similar we are. Although we may have various perspectives on political, social or economic matters, we all share the same basic needs. In my everyday life, I aim at understanding people from all backgrounds in order to learn from them, to broaden my own perspective and to build bridges between nations.

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