Individualism Vs Family


What about the family?

blogAccording to article 16.3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “the family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.”

 Within the family we can find two distinct types of relationships. First, the affinity ties between spouses (also known as marriage) and second, the consanguinity ties between the parents and their children (the parent-child relationship).

We are currently seeing how the family, as we know it, is becoming irrelevant and meaningless. These last years, we have seen an attempt to change the traditional family to a “modern” family, where “freedoms” are most prevalent. These changes may be seen as a progress toward a freer and more advanced society, but it is actually an annihilation of the basic values ​​of the family.

Welcome to the social welfare state. Here you are able to do practically whatever you want. You only have to worry about your own freedoms and your own comfort. No duties required.

Currently we are living in one of the most individualistic society of all times. People are only looking to have more individual freedoms and fewer responsibilities to others. In Europe this is highlighted by the facts that while the marriage rates are plummeting, the divorce rates are raising. Furthermore, the fertility rate and the birth rate are in decline.

This is problematic for society because the family is the institution that ensures generational change. The family is the true social security; it generates permanent ties of solidarity and even for the incoming members. In the family the ultimate expression is the love and commitment. The family is the best place for education of the children in the early years of their lives.

The family humanizes, provides quality of life and generates more powerful primary solidarity between people.

If we act in search of short-termism and for our own comforts, which not means freedoms, we are building a future without pillars for the next generations.

If I had to define the family in three words, these would be: solidarity, education and future. It is crucial that we fully understand the meaning of the family; we can reinforce its important role in society.

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 By Jon Sainz, a WYA member from Spain. 

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