Introducing the World Youth Alliance Europe (October-December 2008)

The last three months of my life have been filled with exciting experiences, as well as new people with different backgrounds and ideas, but still with very similar goals in life. The point is that here I am now, living in Brussels, being part of this youth organization that has directed my life in an unexpected direction…

Some would describe the actual situation in the WYA European office as overcrowded but I would simply say that we need more chairs… The reason of this temporary congestion in the European headquarters is that besides Magda and Francois, the permanent staff members, there are other five people working here.
First of all there is the WYA´s international Director of Advocacy, Becky, who has become famous for her late night discussions at the flat and her exciting stories about life in NY.
Then there is also our soon to be Director of Operations, Iris. Whatever you say about her isn´t nearly close to describe how funny she is; lets just say that she´s one of a kind and it´s impossible to get bored with her.
And of course there is us… the interns!!
Elisabeth, the youngest one among us all has become famous because of her colorful outfits and her catchy songs. Then we have Wilfrid our official communications and technology man, whom we also have exploited as a translator due to our insufficient knowledge of French. And finally there´s me, my name is Heike, I studied International Relations in Mexico and my first real contact with the WYA was through the Latin American headquarters. Right now I´m doing an internship in the European office and I must say that these two weeks in Brussels have already been a very interesting experience.
If you´re interested in knowing how things are developing around here we´ll be posting information about our recent activities and upcoming projects.
PS. A tip if you ever come to Brussels: NEVER go out without your umbrella!!!

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