It’s Not Just About Money. Values are Priceless.


My internship at World Youth Alliance has changed my perspective on a career. While my biggest motivation for seeking a job has been the anticipated remuneration, joining World Youth Alliance has radically changed this line of thought.  We live in a world where material wealth is appraised more than the intangible human values such as honesty and loyalty. Often when you go to ask for a loan in a bank, they will scrutinise your financial wealth, for collateral, so they can presume your capacity to repay the loan. What is often overlooked is the strength of values of the person asking for a loan which would make it easier for the person to repay. A person with moral human values will ensure they repay the loan, unlike a person without strong values. Ultimately, investment in people is the best venture.

This is the main lesson that I have learned so far in my internship at the organisation. The Certified Training Program has been instrumental in instilling this notion. This is emphasised in Chapter 2 of the training program which explicates on the value of human dignity. Human dignity involves how we identify ourselves and how we treat others. A man has to know himself to know others. This is because everything is attached to everything. A man’s capacity as a human being cannot be attained to the utmost level without other human beings. You can only posses yourself  by giving yourself away. Therefore, the world is all about relationships.  It is, therefore, my anticipation that in my future endeavours, I ensure that my projects positively impact other people (that they are people-centered) rather than focusing merely on monetary gain. It is due to this conviction that I signed the Word Youth Alliance Charter .

World Youth Alliance has helped me to discover that to attain my destiny in life, my relationship with other people is significant. This is taught in the Certified Training Program’s Chapter 4 on how human dignity forges solidarity and ultimately forms culture. While I may have discovered my vocation before joining World Youth Alliance, which is to work in the field of scientific research, my internship has allowed me to learn how to live out this vocation well so I am able to express my true personality by exercising freedom of excellence rather than freedom of indifference.

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Written by David Githaiga a current Batch 2 2018 intern at the WYA Africa regional office.


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