Life and Death

Life and death

Life and death.
Because we met in a bar, where you drink the beer out of a skull, sitting at a coffin instead of a table.
Black walls.

Gothic atmosphere.
Looks a bit like death,
just very alive.
Life, because we met to discuss ‘beauty’.
A smart person said once: “The soul lives off that,
in which it rejoices” (Augustine).
So we discussed Joseph Pieper’s essay ‘Learning how to see’
(did I ever mentioned that my interns are the incarnation of coolness and eagerness?!), at least till we ended up in stories and laughter.
Since November I am working as the DO for WYAE, but this was the best WYA evening I experienced till now. Why? Because I ‘rejoiced’ and learned, in an unexpected way, on an unusual place.
A polish man, being four years younger than me, taught me unintentionally about commitment, faithfulness and responsibility; a Mexican girl about serenity, laughter and honesty.

At a place of seeming death there is a lot of life to find;
and I didn’t laugh so hard since weeks.
The whole paradoxical location reminded me of one of my favorite sentences “in the breakdown lies beauty”.
Yes, in death you may find life,
in darkness light. Why?
Because both go hand in hand.
Minus can’t be without plus.
I think, even the highest thing can’t be without suffering,
since the best way to proove love is through sacrifice.
Seeming simplicity may open your eyes for an immense, complex and deep variety.

Iris Reinmiedl, Director of Operations for the WYAE

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