Manhattan International Film Festival


The World Youth Alliance (WYA) invites young directors from around the world to submit original short films that effectively and creatively portray human dignity and authentic accounts of the human experience. WYA is seeking to highlight films that represent the triumph of the human spirit, heroic accounts of the individual’s use of freedom, the power of solidarity among people from diverse backgrounds, and other related themes that artfully draw viewers into deeper contemplation of the human condition.

A distinguished panel of film industry experts will judge all submissions and select top directors to be Manhattan International Film Festival finalists. The short films of these finalists will be featured at the Manhattan International Film Festival scheduled for January 27-28th, 2012, at Marymount Manhattan College. A travel stipend will be provided for all film director finalists.

At the Manhattan International Film Festival, film director finalists will receive:

  • A public screening of their film
  • A master class critique by film industry experts
  • An opportunity to connect with film critics, producers, investors, and established directors attending the festival
  • An opportunity to dialogue about their work with the Manhattan International Film Festival audience
  • An opportunity to meet and experience the work of other young directors from around the world
  • An online forum to present one’s work and receive feedback from viewers around the world

Furthermore, the following prizes will be awarded at the festival:

  • The World Youth Alliance Award for the film that provides the most innovative portrayal of human dignity
  • The People’s Choice Award for the film most enjoyed by festival attendees

These prize-winning films will be screened at a private event for international diplomats at the United Nations.

Application requirements:

  • All submissions must be completed before the film director’s 30th birthday.
  • All submissions must be under 10 minutes in length.
  • All submissions must be independently produced and financed with the backing of no major studio. The support of film or art schools is permissible.
  • If not in the English language, all submissions must include English subtitles.
  • All applicants must complete an application form.

To request an application form and instructions for uploading short film submissions, please email

All applications and submissions must be received by Thursday, December 1st, 2011.

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