Meet our WYA Interns: Anthony


In 2017, at Upper Hill School in Nairobi, Kenya, Anthony Arandi, driven by his desire to create a positive impact in the world, joined the WYA club. As he continued his involvement, his passion and dedication to WYA’s cause stood out, earning him the role of club leader during his senior year.

Anthony fervently engaged in a variety of impactful WYA events throughout his high school years, including the 2019 Africa Emerging Leaders Conference (AELC), the 2019 WYA Africa Youth Summit, and the WYA Africa Furaha Camp 2019. These experiences allowed him to build connections with fellow WYA members in Kenya and better understand WYA’s mission to defend human dignity.

Upon his graduation, Anthony pursued his passion further by completing WYA’s Certified Training Program (CTP) before enrolling in university studies centered on Mathematics and Computer Science. “Despite working with computers, I also have to learn how to work, relate, and interact with people,” Anthony says, “and here at WYA, I can accomplish that. The CTP training showed me ways of impacting society and the world in general.”

Motivated by his newfound journey and a desire to apply his knowledge practically, Anthony enthusiastically joined the WYA Africa Internship. In this role, he takes charge of WYA Africa’s social media presence, employing his creativity to craft compelling posts that resonate with online audiences. His responsibilities include designing event posters, editing event photos and vlogs, and assisting in planning the 2023 Africa Emerging Leaders Conference (AELC) in Nairobi, Kenya. Firmly believing in the power of youth as the driving force for the future, his conviction drives him to ensure the success of the AELC, aiming to empower other young people.

Anthony offers encouraging words for those aspiring to join the WYA team: “If you truly share WYA’s values, gather up the courage and sign the charter to become a member. If you want to do more, apply to become an intern. At WYA, everything is possible as individuals join and become part of a big team of global youth whose primary purpose is to defend human dignity. You are equipped with office and planning skills that make you a productive member of society. You are also placed in situations where you have to improvise and adapt to achieve a certain goal or complete a particular task. At the end of the day, life is what you make it.”

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WYA Staff, November 2023.

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