Meet WYA Latin America’s New Interns!


COVID-19 didn’t stop the World Youth Alliance from welcoming members around the world to our internship program. This summer, WYA Latin America has the pleasure of introducing our three online interns from Mexico, El Salvador and Colombia, that will further their understanding and promotion of human dignity. They will be implementing this value through marketing and project management tasks online. 

Meet Paula!

Paula Bernasconi was born in Mexico and she is in her second year of studying International Relations. She has participated in entrepreneurship and social innovation projects such as Enactus and Hult Prize, which have helped her understand that we as persons can make a difference which can be reflected in the impact we have on people.

“Seeing people’s growth is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world and when you are the cause of this motivation and emotion, it is even more so. Each of us have the opportunity to be that person for someone else; we have the power to create that sparkle in someone’s eyes. Getting the maximum number of these is one of my life goals. Eyes full of hope and empowerment”, Paula says.

She has been involved in social programs since she was a child as her family has instilled these values and practices in her since she can remember. For this reason, she is very excited to begin this internship with WYA. She believes that it will benefit her greatly in both her professional and personal development.

Meet Jimena!

Jimena Villacorta comes from El Salvador and she is currently studying International Relations at the University of Navarra in Spain. Since she was a little girl she has been interested in the different cultures that inhabit our planet, as well as the important events that happen in other countries. That is why reading is one of her favorite hobbies.

In addition, she has always liked volunteering in her country since she can witness the real situation in which many people live, which has motivated her to contribute to the growth of El Salvador from the field she is in. Her biggest dream is to one day be able to refer to El Salvador as a developed country and that is why in the last few years she has focused a lot on sustainable development, especially on education.

She is also very interested in geopolitics and international security, that’s why she’s involved in her university’s Global Affairs and Strategies studies Think Tank.  The values that her family inculcated in her are the basis for every activity she does.

She says that “working with WYA is the first step to a world where human dignity is respected in every corner, and where people live as a truly global family”.

Meet Alejandro!

Alejandro Miguez is 22 years old and he is from Bogota, Colombia. He studies International Marketing and Logistics Management at Universidad de La Sabana and he has a Minor in Marketing Analytics. He sees his professional path as being oriented towards data science, as he believes that data has great potential for continuous improvement, development and innovation.

Throughout his life, he has enjoyed getting to know new cultures around the world, creating a particular interest in languages, which has led him to learn English, French and German. He loves sports, music and spending time with family and friends. His philosophy consists of living a life full of challenges and staying out of his comfort zone to inspire people around him. He would like to be remembered for his achievements and personal growth.

He joined the World Youth Alliance a year ago and since then, he has realized that we young people have an obligation to change the world, through small and large actions in order to defend human dignity as the main pillar of human rights in society.

We wish the best to our interns in Latin America, who have great aspirations and are very happy to start their internship. To apply to our next internship batch, contact your region.

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