Meet WYA Latin America’s Third Batch of Interns  


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, World Youth Alliance continues to welcome members from each corner of the world to our online internship program. This fall, WYA Latin America presents our new three interns that come from Brazil, Peru and Mexico. From September to December, they will deepen their understanding of human dignity and its promotion by realizing project management and marketing tasks.

Meet Yuri!

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Yuri Rodrigues is an 18 years old student of International Security and Strategic Studies at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Since he was a young boy, he has been passionate about international affairs and meeting new cultures. That is why, after researching and joining events related to UN and global subjects, he decided to develop his career path at the Human Rights area as well on the grassroots level.

Influenced by his family, Yuri believes that education is one of the keys to building a better world. It is where individuals can be truly free fostering affirmative values to raise a culture which puts human dignity in the center. So, he has been involved in volunteer projects through education and arts to change and develop the world around him by sharing with other people the knowledge he acquired and the opportunities he had.

“Working with WYA is a water divisor for me and is also an incredible opportunity to develop myself by contributing to the world. Now I can increasingly open my world visions and also see the reality that I thought is becoming closer”, Yuri affirms.


Meet Pamela!

Pamela Lago comes from Sullana, Peru. Currently, she is studying Business Administration at Universidad de Piura. Having cooking and dancing as her hobbies, Pamela believes that these are precious ways to truly express herself and to take her to different times and places.

“Since I was a little child, I have learned the meaning of kindness and the importance of sharing it with other people. So, I decided to get involved in different organizations and clubs which promote social projects that helped me to understand realities distinct from mine and to develop my empathy and solidarity capacities”, she says.

By traveling to places inside and outside Peru, Pamela satisfies her interests in getting to know new cultures and cultures as well to learn more properly about the world. Nowadays, she lives with her parents and brothers while enjoying the opportunities and experiences of life.



Meet Elizabeth!

Elizabeth Santamaría was born in Mexico and studied Communication at Universidad Panamericana. She was always interested in themes related to media and press events, so, after graduation, she decided to take a specialty in Event Management. She became passionate about project planning and organization.

Beyond her academic interests, Elizabeth has experience in musical theater and participated in three shows called Broadway por Amor. She also loves sports and, as a young girl, was an athlete. She pursued different in interests like Olympic gymnastics, swimming, volleyball and cheerleading.

During the pandemic, Elizabeth started to develop abilities through workshops that goes from creative photography for social media to interior design. Then, she took this opportunity to deepen her knowledge and interest in human rights area as well join WYA as an intern. “Themes about human rights and dignity always called my attention, because there are very few taught at the schools, but are very deep and important to society”, declares Elizabeth.

We wish the best for our Latin America interns, hoping they have a beautiful and beneficial experience. To apply to the next internship batch, contact your region by clicking here.

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