When not in a suit!

Another morning, groggy and scared like a moth caught in a spider’s web, I struggle out of bed. My dad has just played the role of an alarm clock a few minutes ago, and I dreaded having to be shouted at again. I hit the shower, and in like fifteen minutes, my father and I are like half-walking & half-running to catch the morning train. Taking a look back, it’s hard to imagine that just the previous year I was in school uniform and would now be running to class, but rather I am now souped up in a suit heading to work with my father. On getting to WYA office, I open it and quickly put some classical music and I get started on giving the office a shine. Do you get the feeling that I am in charge? If you don’t, that’s you!

“Gold there is and Rubies in abundance, but lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel”, goes Proverbs 20:15. At the WYAA office, I have learnt a lot…(simplest way it can be put). From getting in touch with my identity to Human Freedom; From Human Dignity to International issues; From The Role of the Family to Types of Capital; From Love to Diplomacy; From matters of Organization to Technical stuff…the list is endless.

Most of all, I got to know and understand the complexities of being in a working environment: how to relate with my fellow colleagues well; good time management; proper organization; meeting deadlines; project management; proper office habits; representation of the organization at all times and responsibility.

In a nutshell, my time at WYA has been overwhelming, in that it has built me into a wholesome person .i.e. improved my character, made me resourceful, taught me how to handle human freedom and finally I guess it has been a dream come true!

David Muinde
Intern World Youth Alliance
February to May 2008

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