My First Step towards becoming a Dignity Defender


Although I recently finished the online Certified Training Program (2016 – Batch 3), I am happily embracing new waves of positive energy and I know that more exciting challenges are lying ahead. The World Youth Alliance presents an opportunity for me to grow on both personal and group level. It is an international multicultural environment where I am able to innovate and contribute in high-quality activities as a human dignity defender.

Today, I choose supporting others to get through difficult times, encouraging them to achieve what they aim to do, reminding them of their good qualities, and to embrace opportunities and the simple things that would lift them up even when facing difficult challenges. This will be my everyday pursuit to live and help others live with a positive perspective.

I have always dreamed of living in a world free of inequality, injustice and all types of discrimination, and I have found myself strongly related and connected to the WYA’s mission and vision which is promoting the dignity of the person regardless their color, national or ethnic origin, and religion so they would fulfill their potentials in the political, economic, social and cultural spheres.

I strongly believe that in order to love and accept the Other, we should look for the good in them, noting that our human nature finds it easier to detect the bad in the Other. So instead of judging, why don’t we seek to understand?

If we monitor our behavior, we might occasionally find ourselves judging someone for something that we usually do or have done. In this case, it is obvious that no one can be competent and perfect at all things. We all fail sometimes, and that’s okay, that’s being human. But the great thing is that we all have the capacity to change our perspectives, and we are not locked into the limitations of our experiences. This ongoing capacity to change and improve ourselves is what makes life such a wonderful adventure. We all have room to grow and to engage continuously in the process of reaching our entire potentials.

Being a part of WYA is indeed like being welcomed into a family and I intend to work with other young people from around the world to build peaceful relations among nations so that all human beings live in peace side by side.

Written by Reem El Ayoubi, a WYA Middle East Certified Member.

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