My internship at World Youth Alliance


Name: Julia Schneider

Age: 24

Hometown: Munich, Germany

Area of Study: Event management

Why I chose this internship:

After finishing my apprenticeship as an Event Manager in Munich, I wanted to continue working in the event planning area, but also try to find a company where I can work for something meaningful.

Here at World Youth Alliance I am actively involved in several projects, such as

  • Fundraising projects such as the alumni project & raisig funds for our commercial needs at World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid
  • Cultural events such as WYA´s participation at World Youth Day in Madrid 2011.
  • Conferences & events at the United Nations. We have been given the opportunity to participate at CEDAW which is the „Committee on the elimination of discrimination against women“ and the „face to face“ TV-Show which was a discussion about women´s rights and which is being aired on the UN TV Channel.
  • And of course our own „Dignity Project“ which every intern develops during the internship. This time our „Dignity Projects“ are events like movie nights, Mandarin lessons, inhouse concerts, documentary about AIDS and other creative events, whose intention is to learn more about the human dignity and other cultures.

We are a mixed group of people working at WYA and there are interns from all around the world, which is a lot of fun and also a great opportunity for cultural exchange.

I really could widen my horizon as we are learning more about human dignity in our trainings (Track A and Track B) and how to bring thoughts into action to actively impact society & politics.

WYA´s mission to promote the dignity of the human person is the basis for a functioning society and the first step to support people especially from developing countries. But an extended understanding of the dignity of the human person also will be important for every other relationships in life, both personally or professionally.

Above all it´s nice to work in a team of young & motivated people who all share the same values.

Quote: Go as far as you can see, and when you get there you will see farther“

Fun Fact: I heart New York City (…as a friend), frozen cupcakes & bavarian beer


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