My Internship Experience


I got to know about WYA from a friend and so far my only regret is that i didn’t know about it any sooner. My first meeting with WYA members was at an Ubuchindami film. I was amazed at how welcoming and jovial this group of youth was,a complete contrast to what i had of late grown accustomed to. With the violence, destruction of property and murders that rocked our beloved country earlier in the year still fresh in many people’s minds, few had any reason to smile.

I had the opportunity to sign the charter and what inspired me most was the whole idea on the dignity of the human person. This had me thinking. If dignity was the value of the human person and is what granted us our human rights, then why was the world rife with all sorts of inhuman acts? Why do we hear of cases of utter disregard of human rights daily? I successfully applied for internship and immediately set off on a journey to find answers which i got after undergoing WYA’S track A training. I got to get a better understanding of so many things i had once taken for granted. This i attribute to the many inspiring articles, documents and stories in the Track A manual. Most inspiring was Victor Francl’s inspiring book: Man’s search for meaning. This enlightened me on the value of having a purpose in life. How he was able to overcome the whole ordeal at the Nazi camps was trully inspiring and led me to believe that i can accomplish anything i set my mind to.

WYA entrusted me with the duty of organizing and managing my projects, a noble idea indeed. Projects tailor made to meet with my strengths, aspirations and hobbies. I acquired so many corporate skills that am sure will come in handy in the near future.
I had an opportunity that so many young people of my age would only dream of. I had the opportunity to interact and network with big company’s directors and even diplomats,but what i appreciate most and treasure are the many friends i have made at WYA and the mere fact that the youth united make a force to reckon with and can trully change the world.

Job Mwaniki
Intern with World Youth Alliance (August-December 2008)

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