My Mom Rocks by Daryll Saclag


They say that behind every man’s success is a woman. I am aware that I still have a long way to go before I become successful but I know that I will be there because of my mom.

My mom, Eden Saclag, is a teacher by profession. She teaches English to elementary students. However, she is not just limited to being a teacher of the English language. She also trains students in several co-curricular activities such as speech choir, carol fest, etc. Hence, it was perhaps because of her profession that we, my sisters and I, had to live according to a set of rules and guidelines as kids.

When we were young, we were not allowed to eat chips. We were not allowed to go outside our house and play in the afternoon. Instead, we had to stay inside and study or sleep perhaps. We also had to take vitamins regularly (Flintstones, Cherifer, etc.) Moreover, my sisters and I had to specialize in a particular musical instrument. In my case, I have learned how to play the piano and from there, I have learned how to play other instruments as well.

Despite the strict rules our mother imposed on us when we were younger, I have realized that it was all for our own good. She would not do anything that is bad or harmful for us. Because of her guidelines, I have opted to eat healthy and nutritious food. I also have learned how to set my priorities. In addition, I have always made sure that I defeat my own insecurities and limitations and become a better person. It is all because of her love for me and my sisters. Well I guess it really is true that mothers know best.

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