My Mom Rocks by Queenie S.Caranto

Why My Mom Rocks (Even If She Doesn’t Know It)
By Queenie S. Caranto

Sometimes it’s the things that people DON’T do that make the difference.

My dad works as an OFW in Saudi. Here in the Philippines, I live with my mom, three brothers, and my unmarried aunt (my mom’s younger sister). My aunt spoils my brothers, and for some reason she never liked me. In fact, she often went out of her way to hurt me – both physically and emotionally. When I just couldn’t take it anymore, I moved out of the house—without my mom’s knowledge or consent.

During the three months that I attempted to live by myself, I learned that dignity is more than being respected as a person; more importantly, it is self-respect, self-love. While it was not her intention to allow my aunt to hurt me during all those years, I indirectly owe to my mom the realization that drove me to leave, and live out my dignity. Perhaps if my mom scolded her sister whenever the latter mistreated me, I would never have learned to fight for my own dignity and live it out by myself. What my mom did NOT do, made me DO what I had to do for my own sake, for my own dignity.

Our dignity is our personal right and responsibility—no one else can demand for it and fight for it but yourself—and I credit this learning to my mom.

I’m back home—thanks to my mom’s nagging—and life is much sweeter. 🙂

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