My Mom Rocks by Sherwin Go


My Mom rocks because she constantly guides me and helps me realize my true worth as a person. Throughout my life especially in College, there was countless times where I would be lost and confused. I would take myself for granted and sink into depression whenever something didn’t go my way. From failing the Math long test to being rejected by a girl, life took a turn for the worse for me during my College days. Luckily for me, it was also during this time that my Mom frequently approached me to always check on how I was doing. She would usually treat me for dinner to my favorite fast food restaurant and give me advice in the process. It was through her constant help that I was able to get out of College alive and understand myself more. It was through her that I realized that each one of us has the capability to do something more than just sit around and sulk in a corner. We should use our energies and talents to help others around us grow. I was able to join several Service organizations and volunteer for donation drives before I graduated Ateneo.

It is through her inspiration and guidance that I am able to surpass the day to day challenges that I face even until now. I am able to live out my own human dignity because I am able to see my true worth as a person capable of serving others.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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