My Summer Camp Experience


by Miko Tirador

When I joined the summer camp, it was a decision I took that let’s say I chose really well. This decision itself changed who I am as a person now and improved certain points of what I can do as a human being. I truly believe in the idea that man can reach excellence through their dignity and attain people. Although I have respected each person I meet and see, my respect has grown stronger and my sense of judgement decreased.
There in the workcamp I attended, it taught us values proposals, or philosophy such as believing in human dignity and the solidarity of the people. But to further express on what I’m really trying to say is that I’m really truly happy about this organization and such reality exists. I honestly (I know this may sound bad of me) think that the world is filled with people who don’t seem to value anything. But now I can see that that’s far from the truth. The world is filled with numerous amazing people who themselves pursue to help the others because they find value with them. The World Youth Alliance experience made me realize this that out of all the “wrongness” the world has, someone truly cares. I myself try to help others but I am sometimes put down when I realize that not so much like to cooperate or go for positivity. But I have seen in the workcamp, especially with the presence of an intellectual atmosphere, that we do care and through these kind of organizations we are united and strengthened.
When I get back to my family, friends, and province, I appear as a different man with a new philosophy and has the strength to preach and spread to all the unaware. I have somehow become ‘enlightened’ through this experience and now will continue and pursue such a mission with the company and support of my friends.

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