Nathaniel Chu from Macau shares about his WYAAP Internship Experience

My Internship Experience
By: Nathaniel Chu

It was the first time I stayed outside Macau for more than 10 weeks. The purpose of this trip was to explore and learn the fundamental component in life, which is human dignity. After I read the history of WYA, I was surprised that not everyone recognized human dignity as an important value in life.

The life in WYA was quite different from Macau. For the following few weeks, I had got many chances to explore and reflect what human dignity was. For instance, I went to congress and studied the issue in the Philippines. It was a great challenge for me as I was a novice to those topics.

Next, living with different cultural background people, who are the locals and from India, was also impressive. We lived together and shared the responsibility to take care of the house. It makes me realized that we are living in a collective society, we need to cooperate and sacrifice in order to achieve “common good”. Just like living in WYA house, the comfortable living environment was what we need to achieve and maintain.

Outside the training, I was also distributed some project. The coffee house definitely was the most impressive event. WYA served as a platform for the youth to show their dignity through performance. For me, I was so glad to be one of the organizer and one of the performers. In fact, I had got many chances to show my music with WYA friends, it made me felt like home as we could interact through music.

This summer’s WYA internship is probably the best summer I have. I have met more new friends and their life altitude and personalities worth me to learn. I hope this experience can encourage me to bring impact to Macau society.

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