New WYA Ubuchindami Movie Night!

The next Ubuchindami (Ubuchindami means ‘dignity’ in Bemba, one of the 70 languages spoken in Zambia) movie night will take place on: March 16th, 2011 at 7:30pm in Brussels. The movie will be in English.

The next displayed film will be:

Cinema Ubuchindami selects films that portray the broad elements of truth about the human person. Each Film reflects the shared experience of humanity and helps the audience understand what it means to be human. As an introduction to the World Youth Alliance’s vision of the person, these films look at specific themes related to the common search for meaning, justice, freedom, family values and peace. Our aim is to reflect on the transcendental nature of the person, and the ability and need for beauty in the world around us.

Making a virtue of individuals rising above cruel circumstance, the selected film is the story of an uplifting fight for freedom from a well-meaning but inflexible care system.

To attend please RSVP until March 16th at noon via Email to or call +32 2732 7605. The movie will be shown in English.

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