Next stops on the Road to Rio!


WYA-Europe Celebrates Being Part of A Community and the World on the Road to Rio!

WYA-Europe successfully celebrated the “Self in connection with Sustainable Development” last March and showed love to their families by celebrating “Family in connection with Sustainable Development” last April. The two events have established the necessity of a healthy self and appreciation for the role of the family in authentic sustainable development. Having understood that authentic sustainability must be holistic, with the human person at the forefront, we are set to celebrate two more cornerstones of sustainable development this month of May!

Rio + 20: Sustainable Development and my Community

After the success of celebrating the “Self” and “Family” in connection with Sustainable Development, WYA-Europe is set to celebrate Sustainable Development and being part of a “Community” on Saturday, 19th of May 2012!  As part of a community, we believe that everyone has a role to play in creating an environment conducive to personal growth and societal well-being. Therefore, in cooperation with Serve the City ( and their wonderful volunteers, we plan to do a spring-cleaning of Brussels City in order to interact with people in the community and prepare for a lovely summer ahead!

Everyone is invited to join! Hit Suzy an email at wyae.suzy@gmail.comfor more details.

How do you get involved in your community? Share with us how you plan to show appreciation for you neighbours and celebrate being part of your own community!


Rio + 20: Sustainable Development and the World

As citizens of the world, WYA-E is also set to celebrate being part of the “World”! We encourage everyone to organise an international dinner with their friends. Everyone can bring their national dish, something exotic if they’re Belgian, or even their favorite international dish! What better way to explore the world than through its various cuisines? Besides, a simple get-together with friends is always more fun with good food!

What are your thoughts on being a global citizen? Share with us by hitting reply!

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