Reflections from the 1st WYAAP Emerging Leaders Conference


“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but believe.”—Anatole France
By: Felice Marquez (Member of WYAAP Organizing Team)
The 1stWorld Youth Alliance Asia Pacific Emerging  Leaders Conference on Sustainable Development was held at The Bayleaf Hotel, Intramuros last July 26-28, 2012. This gathered youth participants from the Philippines and different parts of the Asia. 
 As a pioneer event for the region, it marked that global issues we face should not only be the concern of the government and organizations, but also a concern of the youth. It was a delight and very refreshing to see that the young delegates took their time to participate in the conference to voice out their concerns and to learn from different experiences as well as different cultures. 
The conference served as an avenue for the youth who wish to make change in their own little ways. During the Solidarity Night, the delegates took the floor and shared their talents. Intellectual exchange of ideas, discussions and inspirational speakers moved the young delegates to make an impact. Every delegate had something to offer. Small or big ideas, they have the capacity to contribute to one’s life. By starting with one’s self, reflecting on the resources that they have, young people can take little steps to put new ideas into action and in the long run contribute to achieving the goals of sustainable development.
Reflections/ Pieces of Learning From our Delegates
“I’ve learned about how we should know the essence of every advocacy, especially when it already deals with unveiling the truth that is happening on our Earth and of every mankind. We should, instead of blaming, shall unite and open our eyes for the reality that no one can do this things without a companion, we shall work together for the betterment of our nation, of our people, and of the world.– Jerome Culang 
 “I was reminded that human (person) is the core of development. Furthermore, I learned the essence of human dignity in development. Oftentimes, we directly equate development to material things, the tangible or what we easily see around us. Respecting oneself and others is vital for one to realize the importance of development. The values paradigm of development should be reinforced.” – Christian Vic Perez
 “Be of good health so that you can support and promote your sustainable dev’t advocacy.”
– Jamaica Ona
 “I learned that the most important in the search for sustainable development is ACTION and PROPER IMPLEMENTATION. Honestly, I am an introvert and I don’t have any guts or enough creativity to initiate, yet I believe I am still doing my part by supporting projects for sustainable development. Without support, one project cannot succeed and that’s the essence of UNITY. I am not afraid to start one step at a time. “- Mary Angela Juguilon
 “The youth will and always be the catalyst that the world needs. The youth of today has the inner thirst to change the status quo set by the past generations. We understand that by merging our “hearts” and “minds” and putting human dignity at the fore, nothing is impossible.”
– Ralph Romulus Frondoza

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