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The World Youth Alliance is organizing a film festival for 2009 with the theme of “A Decade of Dignity and Development – See the World through a Different Lens.” This is a celebration of WYA’s ten years promoting the dignity of the person in development. The film festival will showcase development worldwide, in different cultures, and will offer directors under the age of thirty an international audience for their work. The World Youth Alliance is seeking to showcase films from all parts of the world to present a truly global perspective on the person and development through the eyes of youth.

The deadline for entries is Friday, October 2, 2009.

There will be five award categories:

World Youth Alliance Award
for the film that best depicts human dignity.
3-D Award
for the film that best depicts an issue related to human development through a new perspective, a new lens.
Youth Voice Award
for the film that best portrays the desires, abilities, needs, and culture of youth.
Artistic Merit Award
for the best creative cinematography that finds new ways to express ideas.
Peoples Choice Award
for the film that is voted best by the audience.

1. All films in the Festival should seek to represent some aspect of human dignity in a unique way, according to the vision of the director and participants in the film.
2. Films should be made and completed before the director’s 30th birthday.
3. Short films are limited to 10 minutes maximum.
4. Films should be independently produced and financed (no major studio, but support by film/ art institutes and schools is acceptable).

We look forward to hearing from you!

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