Solidarity by Heart: The Child Ryan Oram and the World’s Rush


Who has not heard of the Moroccan child Ryan Oram, who fell into the well? Who did not grieve for him and feel the pain of losing him with his family? This was the state of the world about two weeks ago. We were all worried about the Moroccan child Ryan fell into the well, thinking about him and following his news moment by moment, assured of his health, hoping that he would come out safely from the digging of the well, which was only about 20 to 30 cm wide.

Unity of feelings and action has been present since the first day of Ryan’s fall into the well, especially among the Arabs. The Arab support was mutual from within Morocco, passing through every home, every warm corner, and every heart with compassionate feelings and a spirit of solidarity by nature.

Social media was flooded with videos and photos of Ryan the child, hoping that he would survive. Prayers poured out, and many people specializing in emergency and rescue operations from various regions participated, working hand in hand to get the child out of the well alive. The process of removing the child Ryan was very difficult, as all were afraid of any breakdown in the layers of the earth and that this would negatively affect his safety and the process of saving him.

Great Job, Sadly Finished. “Get me out of here.” This was a message captured in the voice of Moroccan child Ryan through a phone camera that was delivered to the bottom of the well where he was stuck in. Rescuing Ryan touched the hearts of millions of Moroccans, along with an abundance of sympathizers around the world, with the story of the child stuck in the well.

Hope lasted for a hundred hours that passed like an eternity of time, before hearts broke to find Ryan dead, thirty meters underground. The efforts of the rescue teams made it possible to find him and fulfill his request to take him out of the well, but those heroic efforts did not realize him alive, and now his small body is buried in his hometown, the village of Igran in the Chefchaouen region in northern Morocco, it would be a matter of loyalty to Ryan’s soul that all from his position to read the message he left in the hearts and eyes of millions crying over the tragic end of his story.

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Published: March 7, 2022

Written by Amina Housari, Intern for the World Youth Alliance Middle East and North Africa.

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