Solidarity, in History and Today!


Poland. Cracow. There is no better place to feel and understand the spirit of solidarity.
23 July 2008. It has been already a week since 12 young people from all over Europe came here to experience and promote solidarity between generations. Conversations led with elderly people, afternoons spent with children. The former – marked by unspoken pain, the latter – filled with immense joy. Both – enriching and proving that bonds between human beings can exist regardless of age or social background and should be tightened in every possible moment. Without saying a word the city of Cracow taught us history – a history of Polish Jews harassed, brutally killed and finally chased from the District of Kazimierz by Nazis during Second World War. However, not only Cracow is quiet…

Viviamo Participants had also an occasion to listen to eloquent silence that reigns in Austchwitz-Birkenau, ancient concentration camp, place where time stopped and the souls of the murdered seem to hover peacefully about among majestic trees. We were all deeply affected with what we saw and experienced. Sadness sorrow and fury were well visible on the faces of everyone of us. No one will return to their home country the same… For sure.

Gosia, WYA Europe intern
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