Summer Camp Series: Annalise Hodge



The WYA Summer Camp is a great experience for me. I feel like the focus on the human dignity, is really the core solution to many of the issues our world struggles with today. If we respect the dignity and worth of every individual, it will solve the root of the problem and everything will start solving itself.

For example, with the HIV/AIDS epidemic instead of just bandaging the issue, by supplying drug addicts with sterile needles, and sex workers with condoms, we should focus on the individual. If we help the individual out of their situations by giving them respect, education, empowerment, and the help that they actually need, many of the problems will start to solve themselves. I love how WYA’s purpose is to focus, value, and uphold the dignity in every one of us. Which is intrinsic , unobtained, or not based off of any physicality, emotional/spiritual state, or tangible thing.

WYA focuses on the core of all the issues which is in fact, the human person. WYA teaches young people that your choices should be all leading up to an ultimate goal: the greater good, if you don’t do this, your decisions will have no direction, therefore becoming impulsive. This makes the violation of human dignity VERY possible. So many of the worlds solutions are very carless and insensitive towards the human person.. And even degrading. WYA states that we can guarantee a solution as long as we respect human dignity and build solidarity.

This summer camp has been a fantastic experience for me. WYA has really opened my eyes to many issues in the worlds and so many issues with the solutions. It’s also given me new friends from all around the world and helped me notice that no matter where we are from we are all pretty much the same. This camp has given amazing friends and amazing memories and I will definitely be returning next year.

By Annalise Hodge, an International Summer Camp participant and WYA North America member

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