The Greatest Treasure


“What is the greatest treasure?”

This question stirs my mind. I guess… the greatest treasure that life can offer is the people that we meet. You see, life is a blank page that is to be written by the choices that we make. It is the steps that we take that lead us to a path of the unknown, and its this mystery of not knowing what the future holds, that makes life so thrilling. But what makes our journey a memorable one is the people that we come across. They are the most significant element of our story because it is people who make life unforgettable. I say this because a life of a person is so precious and fragile. A person’s life can end in a blink of an eye and knowing that there’s an end makes each and every one of us valuable to one another. The memories that we create with them and moments that we cherish become life’s greatest treasure as the recollections that we have established with another will last a lifetime.

We must not forget that objects can never compare to the value of a human being, because the worth of each and every person is unique and irreplaceable, whereas the worth of an object does not last and is replaceable at any moment.

We must not let ourselves be blinded by our desires to achieve our materialistic wants, as it will not fulfill the true desires of each person holistically. This is the reason why I believe that the greatest form of treasure is the people we meet because they give life full of color due to the remarkable significance of each individual that we come upon in our lives as they give more impact than any other object can.


By Amiko Jane Maruyama, WYA Asia Pacific Intern Alumna and Certified WYA Member | Read more about the Certified Training Program here.

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