Today is the day


Marching for Life in solidarity with thousands in approximately 6 hours…


Rise. The first thing I think about is eating a good breakfast. Actually, the first thing I’m wondering is whether or not the predicted weather forecast for rain is actually on the mark.


Make a bowl of oatmeal and hot cup of tea. I’m thinking through all my past running races and noticing the similarity in this morning routine. The March is not exactly a race but I think stored energy for endurance in the key.


Check weather forecast and rejoice. The 90% chance of rain has dropped to 30%, and this is predicted to begin at noon. Awesome.


Make lunch for the March and run through the play-by-play of where we will meet the rest of the WYA team in the District. When I think about our upcoming adventure being joined by thousands of people who have come from all over the country, I am in awe. Actually, I’m amazed and inspired. What is it that makes thousands flock to Washington D.C. to march in solidarity, standing up in one voice which calls for a defense of life from conception to natural death? I believe it has something to do with this incredible experience of solidarity. In my own mind, I am recalling a commitment of a team meeting together this morning. And it is in this knowledge that keeps me motivated to get ready….


Get ready! Pack up a backpack with a 200 unsigned World Youth Alliance charters. Each of our team members has the same package in their backpack and our hope is to each invite as many young people to join us as possible!


Leave for the metro. Meeting our team at the Portrait Gallery at 8am. It’s going to be an action-packed day, and I hope, with little rain. We are going to the March for Life to support and encourage all young people who have traveled to Washington D.C. and are raising their voice in solidarity for the defense of life. WYA will be present because young people will be marching. And what better way to extend your voice in solidarity with young people all over the world in support of these same ideas than by signing the World Youth Alliance charter.

See you on Constitution Avenue!

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