Top 3 reasons why employers should hire young people



I’ve heard stories from fellow fresh university graduates the difficulty of getting accepted in the jobs that they’ve always dreamed of. Our young age and lack of experience in the workforce may sometimes limit our job opportunities. According to Bloomberg market, youth unemployment rate around the world is creeping back up to a 20-year peak, with 71 million out of jobs.  This number is much bigger than the total population of my home country, Thailand.

I just completed a 3-month internship at the World Youth Alliance headquarters in New York City working on event management and advocacy work. During this period, I’ve seen how young people can greatly contribute to the workplace. Coming from my experience, I’d like to share the top three reasons why employers should consider hiring more young people in their organization.

#1 Enthusiasm and Passion

First on the list are enthusiasm and passion. Young people have so much energy to contribute to their work areas towards the achievement of the goals of the company. With full passion and overload of enthusiasm, young people are open to any challenge in the workplace. Based on my experience, young people are ready to say yes to challenges at the workplace because they see this as an important growth opportunity allowing them to gain new skills and experiences.

#2 Tech-savvy Skills

I got my first computer when I was 3-years-old. Millennials like me are always connected to devices to keep updated on the news or to get in touch with family and friends. With the use of new technology and innovative solutions in the workplace, companies may grow faster and make work more efficient. With the growing number of tech companies that bring solutions to some of the world’s challenges, it’s not surprising to see young people as their CEOs and founders.

#3 New Perspectives

Young people that I’ve worked with are always overflowing with creative and innovative ideas. Having a young person’s perspective at the board room is important because this allows the next generation of leaders to gain experience and trust from the senior management of the company. A modern workplace that welcomes innovation and creativity allows more growth opportunities to come in and new solutions to be laid on the table in overcoming different challenges.

There are much more reasons to hire young people. The reasons I’ve shared are some of the most essential based on my internship experience and stories that I’ve heard from friends and mentors.  Hiring young people does not only bring innovation and new perspectives, but most of all it allows you in invest in young people – the future leaders of your community, country, or the world.

Written by Parawee Techapermphon, a WYA Headquarters Batch 1 2017 intern from Thailand.

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