VIVIAMO ‘The drama of love’

We invite youth, aged 18-30, to participate in a 4-day summer campin a beautiful mansion close to the romantic Loire valley!Learn about love and relationships, their potential for problems andtension, as well as fulfillment and happiness. Explore the idea of themeaning of life! Come to know more about your own personality andinquire about what is essential in life!
 Lectures on love, the meaning of human existence, sexuality and the gift of self
 Inquiring questions like ‘Who am I? What is love and the meaning of life? Which partner fits me?’ through workshops that include discussions and art
 Films related to the discussion
 Discussions on the wisdom and values in great literature related to the topic such as Dostoyevsky, Greek and Roman mythology, Plato and much more!

Acquiring journalistic and communication skills through a workshop and the composition of a Viviamo magazine.

 Visiting Paris (optional) and the castles and sights of the Loire valley, the very
place of Renaissance romanticism

Application forms are available at
FEES AND INQUIRIES: The cost is 90 EURO (includes meals, accommodation, culturalactivities and training materials). Participants are responsiblefor their own transport to and from Orleans). If needed,participation fee can be reduced, for this please send amotivation letter together with your application. Please e-mailIris Reinmiedl at for applications and questions.
Viviamo! is an invitation to learn aboutand experience dignity, the humanperson, love, fulfillment and the goaland meaning of life.

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