We Are the Future of Europe!


Grandparents posing with grandchildrenWhen we speak about the future of Europe in a political, economic, or cultural sense, we need to take a comprehensive approach based on objective reality – a reality based on the understanding that people and their ingenuity represent our most valuable asset to building a more democratic and inclusive European society.  The corner stone of this reality is that all the people of the world have dignity, an objective truth that needs to be protected and safeguarded.

Today, the people and governments of Europe are struggling with the recession. The loss of jobs, youth unemployment, and decline in population are serious threats to the security of our continent. The only way to emerge stronger from this crisis is to invest in the development of the human capital. An economic approach based on the ingenuity of the human mind is the only solution, and the only path towards sustainability. Natural resources may be limited and subjected to depletion and scarcity, but the ingenuity of the human mind is limitless.

Human beings need to be empowered and stimulated in order not to be just job seekers, but also job creators.  This approach based on proactivity is necessary to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

According to Eurostat, the European Union’s Directorate General in charged with providing statistical information, the current population of the European Union is estimated at 503.5 million people[1]. The exponential aging of the population, increase in life expectancy, and decrease in birth rates are endangering the economic stability of Europe. Therefore, we must support the institution of family, act in the spirit of solidarity, to defend human dignity. All these steps are necessary in order to build a stronger and more inclusive European Union, a Union of the people!

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