Welcomes… new interns are arrived!


Alessandra, Gerlinde, Eric and Michal…

These are the 4 brand-new WYA E interns, ready to spend a great summer in Brussels, where as Iris everytime says: they will find the EU, the beer, the chocolate but over all great experiences.

I will continue to give them precious advices as the “oldest” intern for another month, but it is time for me to start resigning my duties… Thank you to everybody have helped me in these three months, and above all thank to Iris and Francois, the best DO and D you can have in the world. I will not forget…

I resign and Eric, Chinese-Canadian future UN Secretary General, will take my place as the blog writer. Then, good luck Eric and good luck to all you guys, in front of you there is “The HUMAN project”, it will be hard to organize but at the end you will have fun as usual in WYA.


Well these are certainly big shoes to fill, and before I am finished practising my UN superpowers I will need to learn my French!

Just a short introduction to our new interns; we have Michal from Poland, Alessandra from Italy, Gerlinde from Austria and myself, a Canadian that got lost on his way to London…

From our first day arriving, overnight and lost in a new city to exploring Brussels during the Belgian feast day, our intake is definitely ready for adventure, no matter what comes ahead!

Stay tuned to hear more in the coming weeks, and all the best wherever you are!


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