Why Should Youth Enroll to WYA’s Certified Training Program?


“The journey of a life lived in freedom is a journey of growth in virtue – growth in the ability to choose wisely and well the things that truly make for our happiness and for the common good.” This is a quote from my favourite text entitled  “Two Ideas of Freedom”, by George Weigel in the CTP manual, a manual full of beautiful and insightful documents.

Between March and June 2020, I took The World Youth Alliance ‘s Certified Training Program online, which was my solace during the quarantine’ s difficult period. The weekly online discussions with the trainer made it even more unique as we got to ask questions and engage in productive talks where everyone shared their ideas and perspectives. Having the program online allowed me to work at my own pace, without feeling any pressure on following an imposed schedule, so I got to manage my own timetable.

I personally found the CTP experience fruitful and authentic. It redefined and enhanced my understanding of fundamental concepts such as human dignity and its importance in all aspects of human life, freedom as more than just being free to choose but to choose wisely, solidarity and why the world is a global family, and finally, culture as a path to enlightenment and prosperity.  Taking the WYA certified program also filled my curiosity about the notions of Human Rights, the International Declaration of Human Rights, how it was created and how we should be aware of ambiguous language in laws and declarations.

The CTP training ’s benefits went beyond my expectations; hence, thanks to this program, now I am more capable of better understanding and analysing the world ‘s current issues and debates. Moreover, I am mostly happy because I now acquire the tools to propose and defend policies centred on the dignity of the human person at international and national events.

My favourite chapter of the CTP Manual would be  International Law and Human Rights, and I now crave to learn more and broaden my knowledge about it via other readings and practice. This is to say that the experience does not end after being accredited and certified because it opens the door for more; especially the opportunities offered by WYA such as applying to internships and international events.

It was an immense pleasure being part of the Certified Training Program, and I would invite everyone to join the WYA Family.

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Published: July 20, 2020
By Moutiaa Gouaida, a WYA Certified Member from Tunisia.

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