WYA 2018 Kathryn Hoomkwap Awardee, Caroline de Dorlodot: “WYA awakened in me a thirst for truth”



“There are many things I could highlight during my years there [WYA]. I actually did my first internship in 2012, I think. And I’ve been employed from 2014 as first, as a Director of Operations for WYA Europe and then, as Regional Director. And still today, I’m a member, still a member of WYA, even if differently involved,” shares Caroline de Dorlodot, also known by her WYA friends and colleagues as “Cookie”.

When asked about what attracted her to WYA, Cookie answers, “When I have [had] my Certified Training Program (CTP), it really awakened in me a thirst for truth. And I think that this makes the continuity with my life today. I’m still searching for it, in a way. It’s quite unique to have this possibility inside of an organization, in a professional life, to be able to have time to discuss about core issues with the other staff members and interns. And I loved this part. We were like having Track A (now the CTP) discussion every week, speaking about: What is the human person? What is freedom? And this makes a whole difference in the way we were working together and the work we were doing outside.”

On March 10, 2018, the World Youth Alliance recognized Cookie’s exemplary contribution and dedication in upholding WYA’s vision and mission through the Kathryn Hoomkwap Award. She is the 5th recipient of the said award which recognizes distinguished service in defense of the dignity of the human person among WYA members and alumni.

Cookie helped organize the first Emerging Leaders Conference in Europe as an intern in 2012. As an intern, she also participated in the International Solidarity Forum hosted by WYA in NY, and the United Nations’ Commission on Population and Development. This first experience in WYA made her realize how important it is for young leaders to be well trained in philosophy and politics in order to be able to promote human dignity and impact society.

In sharing one of her major projects with WYA as a staff member, she expressed her surprise on the success of the mismatching socks campaign they did for Down Syndrome. “We were promoting among the Commissioners and the European Parliament Members to wear mismatching socks, to show that Down Syndrome People may be different but that they enrich society.”


In extending her gratitude on receiving the award, Cookie humbly sends her thanks in saying, “I’m a bit ashamed because I don’t know what I did to actually deserve it but I’m happy today to be able to thank WYA and to thank you, Anna, for having had this great opportunity to work for WYA and give my little contribution to this beautiful mission of promoting the human dignity.”

“I realized in my work that it was maybe not enough to be in the battle. Somehow, we needed a core army behind us. And with my poor contribution, I hope to be this core army behind that has this time and gratuity to search for truth and being able to carry others with me in this search,” Cookie shares in parting. After working for WYA Europe, Cookie joined a religious order in Spain.

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The World Youth Alliance family warmly congratulates Cookie for having been chosen as the 2018 Kathryn Hoomkwap Awardee in the defense of the dignity of the person.

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